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Press Stories 1980-2004

Caution Horses For Slaughter
by Heather Chapin-Fowler of the Corral Staff
The Final Roundup Pittsburgh Magazine 5 /2004
Fighting to Stop the Sale & Slaughter of US Horses in Foreign Countries - KDKA TV Investigates 4/30/2004
The Slaughter Question Horse & Rider 12/2002
State Ranks High in Equine Slaughter WTAE's Paul Van Osdol Reports 4/27/2001
Slaughterhouse Ride WISH TV News 8 I-Team Investigative Report 4/2001
Illinois Defeats Horse Slaughterhouse! 1999

Kill Sale Pittsburgh Post Gazette 6/ 1999
Horses To Slaughter
Police, vet check horses' health at New Holland sale
July 1998

PA Horse Transport Legislation - Act 64 of 2001

Horse Transport Bill Passes Unanimously WTAE's Paul Van Osdol Reports 6/21/2001
State Lawmakers Urged to Protect Horses en route to Slaughterhouses
June 1998
State Concerned with Cruelty to Horses Taken for Slaughter
June 1998
Horse-Slaughter Industry Critics Pushing Changes
PA. Bill Would Help Protect Horses Headed to Slaughter
March 28, 1998
The goal is a humane trip for horses on the way to be killed for their meat, prized in Europe.

New York Does PA's Dirty Work January 1998
NYSP Stop Double Deck Trailer

 Horses inside double deck cattle trailer stopped by the NYSP. The owner was later convicted & fined $3000.00.
Horses inside double deck cattle trailer stopped by the NYSP. The owner was later convicted & fined $3000.00.

Horse Popsicle Case 1994
Cruel Transport Results in $11,100 Fine

Horses inside double decker covered with frost.
Horses inside double decker covered with frost.

The Last Ride
Eyewitness Account of trip to Slaughterhouse

Overcrowding, negligence plague Shelby horse feedlot
Great Falls Tribune 8/10/2003
The Torture Trail
December 1980
85 horses in trailer, 57 survive

One horse too weak to stand eats from a bucket while lying down. A dead horse lies in the snow.
A dead horse lies in the snow, while another too weak to rise eats from a bucket.
The Miracle Mile July 1990
Pregnant Mare Foals Hours After Rescue From Slaughterhouse-
Foal is a Stakes Winner!
Pasturemate Pasturemate of the Stakes Winner, "On Route 66" who was born only hours after her dam was taken from a slaughterhouse

PA Dealer Sent to Prison 1999
Shady Horse Dealing

Renaissance Bob 12/ 1998
Rescue of a Racehorse

An Eye For An Eye
Story of Catch-22


California Voters "Just Say Neigh" to Horse Slaughter!

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HoofPAC Political Action Committee

HoofPAC is the political action committee that has been formed to end the slaughter of America's horses. Cathleen Doyle, founder of HoofPAC, led the successful Save The Horses campaign in 1998 that made the slaughter of California's horses a felony.

Did You Know?
"But for Ferdinand & Exceller, & over 4 million of America's horses, there was no Joe Greene to take them home"...
Christine Berry EPN

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The Sad Eyed Arab...Too Bad Nobody Took Him Home...

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Press Releases

EPN Newsletters, Idaho Alerts & Press Releases from September 2002 can be read at the EPN Newsletter Homepage

Press Release Summaries 1999Press Release Summaries 1998

Press Releases of 2002

10/10/02 PA Horse Auction Convicted of Horse Cruelty
8/27/02 PA Woman Convicted of Cruelty to Horses
7/30/02 Governor Pataki Signs Bill Closing "Loophole" in NY Horse Transport Law
7/17/02 PA Department of Agriculture Publishes Fit To Sale Brochure
1/11/02 Kiehl Pleads Guilty to Illegal Transport, Again!

Press Releases of 2001

12/26/01 Sugarcreek Livestock Trucking, Inc. Pleads Guilty to 31 Counts of Horse Cruelty
12-10-01 Federal Regulations on Transport of Horses to Slaughter Implemented
11-20-01 New Holland Sales Stables Convicted on 31 Counts of Horse Cruelty!
10-22-01 Convictions in New Holland Court
More Outcomes in New Holland Court
Story of Color Me Truly
Mayer Convicted in Northampton County on 24 Counts of Cruelty to Animals- Judge Returns Horses to Mayer
10-18-01 Sugarcreek Livestock Trucking Inc., Charged 31 Counts of Horse Cruelty!
10-05-01 Berks County, PA Court of Common Pleas Returns Neglected Mare to Owner-
Daughter of Arabian National Champion *Serenity Sonbolah
MA Initiative to Ban Horse Slaughter Update
Stolen Horse Updates
09-28-01 Truck Driver and New Holland Sales Stables Charged with 61 Counts of Cruelty to Horses!
09-25-01 September Press Release #2
Horse Cruelty Convictions in New Holland Court
Cruelty Charges Filed in Bradford County, PA; Horses Seized
09-09-01 September Press Release
EPN Receives 501c(3) Status
Proposed Cavel Expansion -Public Hearing on 9-12-01
Horse Cruelty Convictions in Wayne County, PA
Northampton Cruelty Case Continues
Stolen MO Horse, JB, RECOVERED in OK!
ACT 64, PA Horse Transport Bill Banning Doubles Now in Effect
WNV Confirmed in PA Equine
09-05-01 OH Shipper of Horses Stopped in Lancaster County Under PA Horse Transport Law!
07-31-01 August Press Release
PA Horse Transport Bill Takes Effect
Cruelty Charges & Hearings
Kiehl Court Date
Possible WNV Vaccine
06-26-01 Governor Ridge Signs PA Horse Transport Bill Into Law!
03-22-01 PA Horse Transport Bill Introduced!
03-09-01 March Press Release
Foal Found Frozen to Death on Pond, 2 More Horses Dead-
4 Owners Convicted
Cruelty Charges Filed in Wayne County, PA
Cruelty Convictions Appealed
PA Horse & Buggy Crashes
Cruelty Complaints

Press Releases of 2000

12-20-00 NY Shipper Convicted in NY of Cruel Transport, Again!
08-16-00 PA Convicts NY Shipper For Cruelty to Horses
06-29-00 PA State Police Arrest NY Shipper For Cruelty to Horses
06-03-00 PA Legislature OKs Shipment of THREE Legged Horses To Slaughter!
05-10-00  May Press Release -PA Cruelty Cases -Shipper Pleads Guilty,2 Humane Societys Win
04-02-00 More EIA in PA in 2000
01-08-00 PA State Police Arrest NC Horse Dealer In Auction Barn

Press Releases of 1999

12-12-99 No Justice For Horse In Cruelty Case
12-22-99 NJ Dealer Waives Hearing
11-23-99 NY Shipper Faces 38 Misdemeanor Counts of Illegal Transport
11-04-99 PA State Police Enforce Laws On Coggins Test
11-03-99 NY Shipper Rolls Truck, Kills Horses
10-14-99 Equine Infectious Anemia Outbreak in PA
09-29-99 PA State Police Enforce The Cruelty Law At New Holland
08-04-99 Equine Placement Network Opposes PA HB 590
06-16-99 New York Shipper Pays Another Fine
06-16-99 Horse Transport Bill Is Voted Out of Commitee
06-09-99 Proposed Regulations for Commercial Transportation of Horses To Slaughter
This is the Federal Law, NOT the PA Bill
05-01-99 NYSP Cite NY Shipper of Horses Not Properly Licensed
04-08-99 PA State Police Serve Warrant At PA Auction Barn
03-18-99 NY Shipper Of Horses Pays $2000.00 Fine

Press Releases of 1998

02-05-98 Shipper of Slaughterbound Horses Convicted
12-10-98 NY Shipper of Slaughterbound Horses Goes To Trial
12-02-98 NY Shipper of Slaughterbound Horses Enters Plea Agreement in NY
ADA Lets Repeat Offender Off Easy
10-14-98 Horse Hauler Enters Plea Agreement in New Holland, PA Court
10-06-98 PA House Judiciary Commitee Votes on PA Horse Transport Bill
09-17-98 Stolen Horse Idaho, Recovered 1 Year Later!
08-27-98 New York State Police Make More Arrest of Shippers
08-26-98 Shipper Of PA Horses Arrested By NY State Troopers....Again!
08-08-98 New York State Raises Fines On Illegal Horse Transport
07-17-98 PA State Police Check New Holland Horse Auction Barn
07-01-98 Shipper Of Slaughterbound Horses Pleads Guilty....Again
06-11-98 Upcoming Hearings on PA Horse Transport Bill
06-11-98  Shipper of PA Horses To Slaughter Pleads Guilty

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