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September 9, 2001
Equine Protection Network, Inc.
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September 9, 2001

EPN Receives 501c(3) Status
Proposed Cavel Expansion -Public Hearing on 9-12-01
Horse Cruelty Convictions in Wayne County, PA
Northampton Cruelty Case Continues
Stolen MO Horse, JB, RECOVERED in OK!
ACT 64, PA Horse Transport Bill Banning Doubles Now in Effect
WNV Confirmed in PA Equine


The EPN is now a 501c(3) charitable organization. Donors may deduct contributions to the EPN as provided in section 170 of Internal Revenue Code. All donations made on or after January 8, 2001 are eligible under the above code.

You can now use your credit card to donate to the EPN using PayPal. The PayPal buttons are on the EPN website.

Proposed Cavel Expansion -Public Hearing on 9-12-01

Cavel International, located in DeKalb, IL, is trying to consolidate their "animal rendering" facilities in DeKalb. They have petitioned to construct and operate an expanded animal (horse) rendering facility of 28,000 square feet. Horsemeat rendered from this plant is destined solely for human consumption in European markets and is the only Illinois horse slaughtering facility and only one of four in the U.S.

There will be a public hearing before the DeKalb Plan Commission on September 12, 2001 at 7:00pm at the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 South Fourth St., DeKalb, IL. 60115.

Information can be sent to:

City of DeKalb, Community Development Department,
Fax: 815-748-2359, Phone: 815-748-2060,
website: www.cityofdekalb.com

To stop Cavel's expansion people need to contact the City of DeKalb or attend the public hearing.

For more information on Cavel's previous effort in 1999 to expand that was voted down.

Horse Cruelty Convictions in Wayne County, PA

Waymart, PA- On August 28, 2001 District Justice Jane Farrell, Waymart, PA fined Loraine Matern, Rainbow Farms located in Waymart PA $50.00 each on 3 counts of cruelty to animals in a plea agreement with the Dessin Animal Shelter of Wayne County, PA. Ms. Matern must also pay court costs. 3 other charges of cruelty to horses were withdrawn.

On February 21, 2001 the Dessin Animal Shelter searched Rainbow Farms on a search warrant obtained due to information on dead horses on the property. The humane agent located 4 carcasses of dead horses. One a newborn paint foal. A vet determined that the foal was either born dead or had never walked. An emaciated horse's body was seen protruding through the snow cover. A third horse, a dark bay mare was found dead with a blanket on. Another horse owned by a boarder had also died. The owner has filed a civil suit against Ms. Matern. Charges were filed on February 28, 2001.

The PA Department of Agriculture, PDA, was notified regarding the removal of the dead horses. The PA Dead Animal Act requires that a dead animal be disposed of within 48 hours. Ms. Matern did not comply and the PDA failed to take any legal action against Ms. Matern.

PA Dead Animal Act: http://equineprotectionnetwork.com/legislation/padeadaa.htm The Dessin Animal Shelter originally filed 6 counts of cruelty to animals under Title 18, 5511(c) against Ms. Matern. The 3 charges regarding the dead horses were withdrawn in the plea agreement. The 3 remaining charges that Ms. Matern pled guilty to were filed on a black QH horse type mare that was scored a 1.5 on the Henneke Body Scoring Condition Chart, another bay mare who scored a 3, and a black pony that scored a 2 on the Henneke Body Scoring Condition Chart.

Rainbow Farms stands the paint stallion, Ebony Explosion. Complaints of cruelty to horses have been made against Ms. Mattern in the past and several horses have been found dead at the farm. Ms. Matern has previously spent time in jail on unrelated charges.

The EPN applauds the enforcement efforts of the Dessin Animal Shelter, Wayne County, PA.

Links to the PA Anti-Cruelty Law & the Henneke Body Scoring Condition Chart can be found at the end of this page.

Northampton Cruelty Case Continues in Court

The cruelty hearing against Lower Nazareth Township stable owner Joe Mayer has been extended into October. The Northampton County SPCA seized 31 animals, including 22 equines on February 2nd of this year.

Mayer, 50, is charged with 39 counts of cruelty to animals, Title 18, Section 5511(c). District Justice Joseph Barner of Lower Nazareth Township is hearing the case which started on June 7, resumed on July 12 and again on August 22, 2001. Barner will hear additional testimony, including more from Mayer, on Oct. 8.

The Northampton County SPCA is in need of donations to cover the expenses for caring for these horses. Several newspapers, including Horse News and the Morning Call have been covering the case.

The EPN applauds the efforts of the Northampton County SPCA, the District Attorney's Office, the prosecution's expert witnesses, the media for covering this case and the individuals who came forward to report this abuse, testify & help care for the horses and other animals seized.

Stolen MO Horse, JB, RECOVERED in OK!

You can email JB's owner Stacy at: stolenhorse2001@yahoo.com

Debi Metcalfe has done a fantastic job organizing the NetPosse & assisting owners in recovering their stolen horses. Debi has worked with many organizations including the NC Horse Council & the NC Dept of Ag on this issue. Debi searched successfully for close to a year for her stolen mare Idaho.

Please take the time to visit her website on stolen horses.
Don't forget to join the NetPosse mailing list.

ACT 64, PA Horse Transport Bill, Now in Effect

Act 64, PA's Horse Transport Bill that bans the use of double deckers went into effect on August 25, 2001.

Title 18, 5511(e.1) reads:

Transporting equine animals in cruel manner.--

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a person commits a summary offense for each equine animal if the person carries, or causes or allows to be carried any equine animal in or upon any conveyance, or other vehicle whatsoever with two or more levels STACKED ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER. A person who violates this subsection on a second or subsequent occasion commits a misdemeanor of the third degree for each equine animal transported

(q) Definitions.--As used in this section, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings given to them in subsection:

"Conveyance." A truck, tractor, trailer or semitrailer, or any combination of these, propelled or drawn by mechanical power.

"Equine animal." Any member of the Equidae family, which includes horses, asses, mules, ponies and zebras* * *

In the first enforcement action under the new law, the PA SPCA stopped a double deck cattle truck in Lancaster County on September 4, 2001 with horses. Charges have yet to be filed by the PA SPCA. The 31 horses are being held as evidence by the PA SPCA. The EPN sincerely hopes the courts will find the defendant(s)guilty and impose a substantial fine and award the horses to the PA SPCA. The EPN applauds the enforcement efforts of the PA SPCA. Please express your appreciation to the PA SPCA for their efforts to enforce Act 64.

The public needs to assist law enforcement on this issue. If you see a double deck trailer, look inside for horses. Look for their ears and their tails. If you see horses inside a double decker call law enforcement with a description of the truck, license plate of the trailer, color of the truck, location & direction that the truck is traveling. The section of the law is Title 18, Section 5511(e.1)

Indiana, home to the infamous Shipshewanna horse auction, will be introducing legislation modeled after Act 64 to ban double deckers in that state. The Equine Protection Network, Inc., EPN, led the fight in PA since 1996 to pass legislation in Pennsylvania that would outlaw the use of double deck cattle trailers to transport horses, and had the support of over 25 PA and national horse industry organizations along with thousands of individual horse owners and enthusiasts, including 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist David O'Connor.

The EPN thanks all of the individuals and organizations who supported our efforts and who took the time to call and write their legislators. The EPN thanks Governor Ridge for signing this legislation, Representative Lynch for introducing this legislation, and the PA Legislature for passing this historic legislation in 90 days!

West Nile Virus, WNV, Confirmed in PA Equine

WNV has been confirmed in a pony from Montgomery County. The 13 year-old pony is recovering at home after a brief stay at New Bolton Center. She tested positive for IgM and on PRNT at NVSL. As of August 24, 2001 there were 40 reported equine cases.


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