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October 5, 2001
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October 5, 2001

Berks County, PA Court of Common Pleas Returns Neglected Mare to Owner -
Daughter of Arabian National Champion *Serenity Sonbolah
MA Initiative to Ban Horse Slaughter Update
Stolen Horse Updates

Berks County Court of Common Pleas Returns Neglected Mare to Owner
- Daughter of Arabian National Champion *Serenity Sonbolah

LAPS webpage on SF Bint Sonbolah

On August 1, 2001, SF Bint Sonbolah was returned to the woman, Petra Martin, who was convicted of starving and neglecting her by Judge Schaeffer, a Berks County Court of Common Pleas Judge. District Justice Stoudt, Strausstown, PA had awarded the mare to the Large Animal Protection Society, LAPS. The defendant appealed the decision to the Berks County Court of Common Pleas, Reading, PA.

Equine vets testified to the condition of this mare. She was a "1" on the Henneke Body Scoring Condition Chart when seized by LAPS. Her teeth were overgrown. Her hooves were overgrown & she had dermatitis.

A sad end for a mare that was considered royalty in the Arabian breed. A mare who spent many years in air conditioned barns. Once she could no longer produce, she was no longer wanted. On her downhill slide she was also sold through the sale in New Holland, PA.

Judges are elected officials. Next time you cast your ballot for a judge in your area, take the time to check their record on these issues. Contact your local law enforcement agengies that prosecute animal cruelty cases.

Many horse owners naively believe that due to a horse's accomplishments that the horse will never end up at a sale such as the one in New Holland. The only thing standing between a horse and a "killer sale" is the horse's owner...
When this mare could no longer produce she was sold. Maybe the kindest thing to do would have been to euthanise her, if the owners were unwilling to provide her with a lifelong retirement.

Standing in a field, with no water and slowly starving to death, that is how SF Bint Sonbolah was found. Now she has been returned to the woman who stated over 14 months ago that the mare "was old & had cancer. She is going to die anyway."

SF Bint Sonbolah does not have cancer. SF Bint Sonbolah was returned by the courts to her owner who was found guilty of neglecting her. She is fat and shiny, her teeth and hooves are done, she is dewormed. A $50.00 fine and the horse returned healthy. What kind of punishement is that for nearly killing SF Bint Sonbolah?

MA Initiative to ban horse slaughter for human consumption

Source: Save Our Horses

A press release will be sent out shortly announcing the certification of the initiative by the Massachusetts Attorney General's office. The next phase of the campaign is already in full swing. That involves the gathering of the first of two rounds of signatures. If the correct number of validated signatures is gathered, the initiative, known as Brown Beauty's Bill will appear on the November 5, 2002 ballot.

For more information and updates, please visit www.saveourhorses.com - the official web site for the Massachusetts initiative.


Refer to this webpage for up to date info.

Message from Debi Metcalfe, Net Posse:

"Please send this to your friends and ask them to do the same. Post wherever you think necessary and keep a copy with you, especially if you are within 500 miles of the theft. Remember, Crystal was found when an officer pulled up behind a trailer and saw the mini on the back. He thought he recognized her and reached for the flyer he kept with him in the car."

Ontario, Canada
ISHR Office
International Spotted Horse Registry Assoc.

ISHR Canadian Officer, show judge, Slim Newlove of Enterprise, Ontario had a mare and filly stolen from his pasture, the evening of Sept. 27th, 2001 (Thurs.). Mare is mostly white with sorrel patches on both flanks and a small chest patch. Face is mostly white and she has blue eyes. The filly looks like her dam except she doesn't have the flank patches. Mare is registered with ISHR and APHA. Mare is very loveable and filly is used to being handled and likes people also. If pictures are needed we have some on file of the mare. The filly hadn't been registered yet. Thanks for any help you can give or send!

Becky @ bluemoonhorse.com

A horse was stolen on or about 26 September from Pine Mountain, GA. He is one of Nelda's geldings used to pull the wagon. He is a Percheron, gray, 15 hands, 1700 lbs. On his left hip he has a flying D with an S in the middle.

Please contact the stable at (706) 628-7463. Please pass along to your other horse friends. This weekend is also "auction/sale" weekend for Montgomery and Roanoke. Please have all be on the lookout.

Laura Mills, Social Science Tech
DSN 835-3212 COMM 706-545-3212/3308
Martin Army Community Hospital, Fort Benning, GA 31905



READ This Webpage!
Pictures are up that demonstrate the lengths the thieves went to disguise this stolen horse! In the end it was the BRAND, that positively identified this stolen horse & brought him home!

JB's pictures w/his appearance altered!

Crystal - NC

Just got word from the Exceptional Equestrians Program that the mini horse Crystal has been recovered by law enforcement and returned to her rightful owners. The alleged thief is from Lenoir and was trailering Crystal down the road when a deputy on the way home, by chance on a different route than normal, just happened to pull up behind him and thought the horse looked familiar. He pulled out his flyer, pulled the guy over, and had him trailer to the EE barn for a positive ID! Amazing!

WI 6 Recovered within few days of their disappearance.
Found close to home, some were injured.

In previous cases of stolen horses the horses have been found close to home or turned loose in fields. Sometimes the "found" horses have been reported by people actually suspected of stealing them. Widespread coverage of the stolen horses on the Internet has been credited with the recovery of many stolen horses. Many believe that the thieves get scared when they realize how many people are looking for the horses.

Stolen Race Horse Equipment-Camden SC
Source: Lynn Conto

Recently a race horse barn had all their tack and equipment stolen. They are located in Camden, S.C.. If you know of anyone trying to sell a lot of used tack and equipment, please notify the proper authorities.

Exercise equipment, buckets, etc.... I am emailing for our equine community. This has happened before and I would like it to stop.


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