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November 1999
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No Justice For Horse In Cruelty Case

Lancaster, PA There are two different outcomes to this case according to whom you speak to at the Humane League of Lancaster County.

  1. There is an arrest warrant out for the owner. No name given. If a warrant has been issued, then charges have been filed. If charges have been filed, it is public information.

  2. The Humane League attempted to file charges of cruelty to animals, PA Crimes Code Section 5511, in September in New Holland, PA before District Justice Carl Good. DJ Good refused to accept the charges. (If he refused to accept the charges, then how is it possible to have an arrest warrant?)

According to sources close to the case, DJ Good refused to accept the charges because the listed owner is 94 years old. The listed owner is not the person who attends the sales. The listed owner's son is a licensed PA Dealer/Hauler. The son is seen at horse auctions, doing the loading & unloading of horses & bidding on horses. In other words, he is an agent of the owner, and he has duty of care.

The Humane League of Lancaster County has 2 years to refile the charges.

District Justice Good is no longer on the bench in New Holland, PA after January 5, 2000.

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