On a farm in Schuylkill County, some horses are getting some much needed TLC.

Five horses were taken in by the Equine Protection Network, a non-profit horse advocacy group after they were surrendered by their owner to state police.

"The owner had voluntarily agreed to surrender five of his nine horses, due to the horses not being fed properly and the barn being in unsanitary conditions," said Christine Berry, founder of Equine Protection Network. "There was nothing but manure and urine in the barn."

Rib cages and bones are visible through the coats of the horses and Berry said their manes will mostly likely have to be shaved because the hair is matted with burdocks.

"This is a lot of burdocks," said Berry, holding a piece of mane covered in burdocks. "This isn't something that happened yesterday or last week. This happened over a period of time."

One horse, a two-year old named Lily, already had some of her mane shaved. Veterinarian Travis Boston, with Willow Creek Animal Hospital, believed Lily to be 300 pounds underweight.

"She's actually probably in a state of catabolism, meaning she's actually breaking down her own muscles in order to survive," said Boston.

Karli Miller says she is the daughter of the man from the Orwigsburg area who surrendered the horses.

She glad the five horses are now in good hands but worries about the four others still in her father's care.

"He thinks they're perfect weight, which I don't think is true because if their ribs are going to show and their hips are going to show, there's something wrong," said Miller.

For these five horses the hope is to get them into better shape and into good homes in the next few weeks.

To help donate or for more information visit either Equine Protection Network at http://equineprotectionnetwork.com/ or Another Chance for Horses at: http://www.ac4h.com/