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Press Stories 1980-2009

Five Horses Taken from Orwigsburg Property
Pottsville Republican 9/26/09
Father, daughter convicted of abusing horses
Peter Bortner- Pottsville Republican
Caution Horses For Slaughter
by Heather Chapin-Fowler of the Corral Staff
The Final Roundup Pittsburgh Magazine 5 /2004
Fighting to Stop the Sale & Slaughter of US Horses in Foreign Countries - KDKA TV Investigates 4/30/2004
The Slaughter Question Horse & Rider 12/2002
State Ranks High in Equine Slaughter WTAE's Paul Van Osdol Reports 4/27/2001
Slaughterhouse Ride WISH TV News 8 I-Team Investigative Report 4/2001
Illinois Defeats Horse Slaughterhouse! 1999

Kill Sale Pittsburgh Post Gazette 6/ 1999
Horses To Slaughter
Police, vet check horses' health at New Holland sale
July 1998

PA Horse Transport Legislation - Act 64 of 2001

Horse Transport Bill Passes Unanimously WTAE's Paul Van Osdol Reports 6/21/2001
State Lawmakers Urged to Protect Horses en route to Slaughterhouses
June 1998
State Concerned with Cruelty to Horses Taken for Slaughter
June 1998
Horse-Slaughter Industry Critics Pushing Changes
PA. Bill Would Help Protect Horses Headed to Slaughter
March 28, 1998
The goal is a humane trip for horses on the way to be killed for their meat, prized in Europe.

New York Does PA's Dirty Work January 1998
NYSP Stop Double Deck Trailer

 Horses inside double deck cattle trailer stopped by the NYSP. The owner was later convicted & fined $3000.00.
Horses inside double deck cattle trailer stopped by the NYSP. The owner was later convicted & fined $3000.00.

Horse Popsicle Case 1994
Cruel Transport Results in $11,100 Fine

Horses inside double decker covered with frost.
Horses inside double decker covered with frost.

The Last Ride
Eyewitness Account of trip to Slaughterhouse

Overcrowding, negligence plague Shelby horse feedlot
Great Falls Tribune 8/10/2003
The Torture Trail
December 1980
85 horses in trailer, 57 survive

One horse too weak to stand eats from a bucket while lying down. A dead horse lies in the snow.
A dead horse lies in the snow, while another too weak to rise eats from a bucket.
The Miracle Mile July 1990
Pregnant Mare Foals Hours After Rescue From Slaughterhouse-
Foal is a Stakes Winner!
Pasturemate Pasturemate of the Stakes Winner, "On Route 66" who was born only hours after her dam was taken from a slaughterhouse

PA Dealer Sent to Prison 1999
Shady Horse Dealing

Renaissance Bob 12/ 1998
Rescue of a Racehorse

An Eye For An Eye
Story of Catch-22


California Voters "Just Say Neigh" to Horse Slaughter!

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HoofPAC Political Action Committee

HoofPAC is the political action committee that has been formed to end the slaughter of America's horses. Cathleen Doyle, founder of HoofPAC, led the successful Save The Horses campaign in 1998 that made the slaughter of California's horses a felony.

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"There are more crooks in the horse business than in Sing Sing Prison."
....William Rickman Sr., owner Delaware Park

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Pottsville Republican

January 28, 2009

Father, daughter convicted of abusing horses


A father and daughter each must pay costs and a fine after being convicted Tuesday in Schuylkill County Court of improperly caring for two horses in Washington Township.

Ernest D. Schaeffer, 58, of Pine Grove, and Pamela J. Heiser, 33, of Schuylkill Haven, each must pay costs and a $500 fine after Judge D. Michael Stine found them guilty of cruelty to animals.

“There still was a conscious indifference” to the condition of Blackjack and Pretty Boy, Stine said at the end of the 90-minute hearing.

State police at Schuylkill Haven had charged Schaeffer and Heiser with not providing adequate shelter, food and medical care for Pretty Boy, a chestnut paint horse, or Blackjack, a black quarterhorse, on June 23 at 1040 Deturksville Road.

“The horse was emaciated,” Christine Berry, operator of Last Chance Farm, Schuylkill Haven, and president of the Equine Protection Network, said of Pretty Boy.

Blackjack was not in much better shape, she said.

“There were flies and drainage from his shoulder,” and he was chained to a piece of machinery, Berry said.

Furthermore, the shelter for both horses did not have a roof but did have chewed-out walls, she said.

Dr. Travis H. Boston, a veterinarian, testified chaining any horse is bad because they instinctively run when alarmed. He also said Pretty Boy had exposed ribs and was in worse shape than Blackjack, even though the latter had had his injury for several years.

“(Horses) need to eat probably 1 to 2 percent of their body weight per day,” Boston said. “It’s pretty unlikely he was getting that.”

However, neither was in good shape,” he said.

“I believe ... both horses could be considered neglected. I think it likely” both were deprived of sustenance, Bolton said.

State police Trooper Wesley Levan said Schaeffer told him he was taking care of both horses, that Pretty Boy was Heiser’s and Blackjack belonged to his half brother.

Schaeffer testified that the part of the shelter where the horses stayed had a roof and that he was taking care of Blackjack’s wound. However, he does not know when he will finish the shelter.

“I’m not home that much anymore,” Schaeffer said.

James G. Conville, Schuylkill Haven, Schaeffer and Heiser’s lawyer, asked for an acquittal, saying prosecutors had not proven their case.

“There were issues with these horses and they took adequate measures,” he said of his clients. “Is this a thoroughbred stable? No, it’s a farm structure.”

Assistant District Attorney Doug Tagliere said Pretty Boy and Blackjack deserved better than what they had.

“These animals lived amongst garbage,” he said. “The statute protects every horse.”

Conville said he would talk with his clients about whether to appeal Stine’s ruling.

Taglieri said after the hearing that Blackjack is still at the Washington Township location but he does not know where Pretty Boy is.

Also after the hearing, Berry said she was happy with the result.

“I am thrilled that the state police responded to this complaint and the district attorney’s office ... took it seriously,” Berry said. “Sometimes, people just need to be educated.”

Tuesday’s hearing represented the second time Heiser and Schaeffer had lost their case.

Magisterial District Judge Carol A. Pankake, Tremont, originally found Heiser and Schaeffer guilty on Oct. 14, but each appealed that ruling on Nov. 13.


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Pretty Boy ownned, "loved" and neglected by Pam Heiser Pretty Boy, 13 year old paint horse owned, "loved", and neglected by Pam Heiser, convicted of cruelty to animals and fined $500.00 in Schuylkill County Court of Common Pleas in January 2009. The whereabouts of Pretty Boy are unknown. The PA State Police investigated Heiser 3x over the years for lack of shelter and failure to provide necessary food, violations of the PA Crimes Code, Title 18, 5511 (c).
Blackjack, quarter horse gelding left to suffer with a wound that penetrates into his body along an 8" channel. Surgery is needed to correct the situation. Bloodwork shows that Blackjack's immune system is not able to win the battle of infection. Ernie Schaeffer was fined $500.00 in the Schuykill Court of Common Pleas in January 2009. Dried pus and blood ooze from wound that has compormised his health & attracted flies since at least 2003.
Pretty Boy & Blackjack's shelter The "shelter" provided to Blackjack and Pretty Boy.
The "shelter" provided to Blackjack and Pretty Boy which also became a source of food when they had nothing else to eat... Pretty Boy & Blackjacks shelter



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